Happiness Homemade

You know that feeling when you’re folding laundry and all your socks have a match, like the epitome of having your life together? Yeah, neither do we.

Our lives are real real. Between owning a small business, a full-time job, new puppy excitement and making sure we get all our fruits and veggies, it’s been nothing shy of a crazy few months. But that’s life. And we’re way honest about it.

You won’t find inspirational bs (sorry Grandma), diet tips or anything of the sort here. You’ll find hilariously unfiltered stories of our epic whoopsies and just a simply honest, behind the scenes look at our boss babe endeavors.

So, let us be the first to welcome you to our blog where we’re sharing just a little slice of our Happiness Homemade (extra whip most days because a girl’s gotta treat herself).

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