Pairs Nicely with Wine

My mom made breakfast for us every morning growing up. No, seriously, EVERY. MORNING.

This crazy, fabulous #momgoals of a woman would make pancakes of many concoctions, waffles, scrambled eggs (with cheese by special request) or whatever other delicacy that I 100% cannot even fathom making time for at this adulting phase of life. You DEFINITELY go, Amy Coco.

To say she’s a total rock star is an understatement. She does things boldly and with gusto thanks to her New York roots and keeps life oh so entertaining. Ask her opinion on your project, and she’ll choose gorgeous accent colors for your piece or push you slightly outside of your comfort zone into the ever-wondrous ombré land.

So, we like to refer to her as “Pop of Color.” Cue her fav red and turquoise combination.

And then there’s me, "Neutral Nellie." I’m a big fan of wearing black for all occasions and the coffee/cream combo, both on projects and in a cup, is my go-to. I get about as wild as adding some sage green accent leaves ... watch out world, I may even stay up past 9 p.m. 

While we differ in our breakfast prep abilities and color combo preferences, we’re way similar in our passion for the studio and creating a sweet place for friends and families to uncork, unwind and get creative.

So, if you ask me, I think Pop of Color and Neutral Nellie make a pretty great team. As we like to say, we pair nicely together AND with wine. 

Sometimes, we may not realize our Facebook Live is sideways for 15 minutes, but personally, we think those little bloopers make it all the more entertaining. So, we’ll keep things a perfectly imperfect balance of neutral and pops of color in the studio (but let’s all agree to leave the cooking to Miss Amy for now).

P.S. Want a little more Uncorked & Unfiltered from this mother/daughter duo? Follow our social pages for new episodes of our non-podcast podcast and see hilarious insights into our really real lives. Bring your fav adult juice and get ready for some laughs.

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